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Modern Pentathlon will celebrate 100 years as part of the Olympic Games.


Venue: Handball Arena - Olympic Park (fencing); Aquatics Centre - Olympic Park (swimming); and Greenwich Park (riding, combined event)
Dates: Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 August

Events: Fencing, Swimming, Riding, Combined Run/Shoot Event
Medal events: 2
Athletes: 72 (36 men, 36 women) 


Modern Pentathlon was championed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, and has its origins in a 19th-century legend. The story goes that a young French cavalry officer was sent on horseback to deliver a message. To complete his mission, he had to ride, fence, shoot, swim and run – the five challenges that face competitors in Modern Pentathlon today.


Olympic Modern Pentathlon, past and present

A century after its Olympic debut at the Stockholm Games of 1912, the Modern Pentathlon competition at London 2012 will be the first Olympic Games at which the running and shooting elements are combined. The competition will be held across three venues: the fencing will be held at the Handball Arena; the swimming will take place in the Aquatics Centre; and the riding and combined running/shooting will be staged in Greenwich Park.